• Elegant and timeless design
    Thanks to the elegant and simple design, the Plantiano is suitable for any occasions.
  • Warm and inviting lighting
    The built-in LED lighting is perfect for creating ambiance or as a atmospheric night light.
  • Suitable for many different kind of plants
    The size of the Plantiano is suitable for most small plants. You can choose your favorite plant and turn it into a piano!


Connect your bluetooth devices to your Plantiano and enjoy your own music! Setting up a connection is easy and intuitive. Put the Plantiano into pairing mode, press connect with the Plantiano on your Phone/tablet or other bluetooth enabled device to listen to your own music and boom! you can enjoy your favorite music! You can regulate the volume of the music with your own mobile phone.

Lighting effects

The built-in 4 bright LED can be used as a nightlight, mood light or
disco light! It is ideal as a disco lamp for kids who want to party with their friends or simply a friendly little night lamp to help kids fall asleep. The cycling light mode is also perfect for creating a nice warm and cozy feeling.
Lighting effects

Play the piano

Touch the leaves to play the piano! The Plantiano has a built-in touch sensor. It turns the plant into one big touch device. Play a Birthday song or Christmas song just by touching the leaves! There are several popular songs programmed. It is fun and the Plantiano makes a perfect gift for any occasion!
Play the piano
  • Touch sensor
    The touch sensor connects with the plant through the soil. It enables you to play piano sounds by touching the leaves of the plant. Keep the soil moist for best results.
  • Speaker
    The speaker can be found under the Plantiano. It contains a high quality speaker so you can enjoy your favorite music.
  • Slip resistant cushions
    The Plantiano is supported by three slip resistant cushions, providing better sound quality and stability.
Custom designs available
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  • title
  • Custom material
    Our production line can produce various sizes and use various materials to create different effects to suit our customers needs.
  • Custom pattern
    Besides different material, we can also create custom patterns. These patterns can be in any shape, form or color.
  • Custom color and prints
    You can order any color or even special prints like the ones shown above.

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